Energy Equipment

Quickmark Hazard Marker 6-16mm

The QuikMark marker is a highly visible marker. They effectively prevent costly line damage and outages caused by collisions with tall equipment. These economic markers also work on higher lines at heliports, river crossings, and other high traffic areas. QuikMark installs in seconds from the ground or a bucket. Our patented and rugged SnapFast mounting clamp prevents line slippage on single or bundled cables. QuikMark is ideal for construction sites, industrial plants, marinas, or anywhere machinery can strike low hanging distribution lines. The lightweight 260mm diameter day-glo orange plastic disk, with a yellow centre reflector, is highly visible to machine operators. Its patented SnapFast spring clamp allows fast and simple installation by a hot stick.

Dimensions: 260mm diameter disc
Clamp Size Options: 6-16mm & 10-70mm